VIM scratch pad


:g/pattern/ :g// display every pattern on screen
%s/Page 1 of 1//n   count matches 
ga           find hex code in vi 
:set wrap
:reg        "1p    If the text you want is in register 2, enter "2p to paste it after the cursor, or "2P to paste it before the cursor.
:MRU        You can use the ":MRU" command to list and edit the recently used files.\

:marks   show all the bookmarks you have
'a          move to bookmark
ma            mark a book mark
5n            number of search and nth occurance
\%x1b       search for hex 1b
CTRL-h        move between split screens
Type :lvim foo % to search for foo in the current file and enter all matches containing foo into the location list.
Type :lopen to open the location list in the quickfix window, which is fully navigable as usual.
Use :lnext/:lprevious to to through the list (use tpope/unimpaired mappings for the best experience)

%s/^\s*//g   remove leading white space

/\%2602c0044ADBOS  Searches column 2602 for 0044ADBOS

:echo search('\%2602c0044INT')  same as above  


Sort all lines on second column N by using Vim sort command, e.g.

:sort /.*\%2v/ 


map <C-L> 20zl " Scroll 20 characters to the right
map <C-H> 20zh " Scroll 20 characters to the left

# get a buffer into the current tab

:vert sb N
:vert belowright sb N

# diff those two buffers

:windo diffthis

# scroll bind

set scrollbind